Xiaomi Airdots Pro TWS Wireless IPX4 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset Earphone with Mic Stereo ANC Switch Auto Pause Tap Control Earbuds white


Acoustic cool techs, 7mm neodymium iron boron magnetic + titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unit.

ANC active noise reduction, Bring high-fidelity call quality and making communication clearer and better.

Lightweight and portable for storage, the total weight is only 58g.

IPX4 water resistance as well, Long-term Companionship for you.

Can be paired with iOS and Android devices, including tablets laptops, and mobile phones.

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Item type:Headset

Both the right and left can function freely of each other providing a true hassle-free sound experience

Automatic sensor, pick and stop; Remove any single one from the ear and the second one will work in unilateral mode  and the two headsets can also be shared between two friends without loss of audio quality

Package Include:

1 x product, 1 x Manual, 1 x box packaging


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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Διαστάσεις 80 × 150 × 40 cm

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